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My Favourite Time of the Day

Matt would kill me if he knew I'd posted this picture. Shhh...

As much as I'd love for us to look as glamourous in the mornings as the couple in the top picture I wouldn't change the sight I woke up to this morning for anything in the world.  Kitty spent the entire night sleeping between our two pillows - where it's warm and cozy now that it's getting chillier.

I love our mornings.  We lay in bed for an hour or so, even on weekdays, cuddling kitty and talking about anything and everything - baby names, moving house, weekend plans, what we're having for dinner...  I think the mornings have always been when most of our important decisions are made It's my favourite time of day.  Soon enough, you'll be seeing the addition of a little bubba in this pic.

I hope it never changes!

What's your favourite time of day?

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