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My Favourite 8tracks Film Soundtracks

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One of my favourite things to do in the world (ever) is to compile and listen to instrumental film scores.  I love movies and I believe half of the enjoyment of watching them is in excellent music composition.  Listening to the film's music takes me back to the way I feel and the emotion I'm overcome with when watching the film's themselves.

Some of my favourite films with excellent scores are Forrest Gump, The Last of the Mohicans, Jurassic Park, The Godfather, The Da Vinci Code, Pirates of The Caribbean...  Composers like Hans Zimmer, Danny Elfman, John Williams, Michael Kamen, Alan Silvestri, James Newton Howard, Thomas Newman and James Horner are not to be messed with.  They are Gods.  I get stupidly excited when a new film comes out composed by one of the aforementioned divine beings.
Instrumental film music is perfect listening fodder for when you're doing work that requires lots of concentration or for when you need inspiration.

Most of my favourite mixes on 8tracks are of film scores and I thought I'd share them with you here:

Soundtrax Volume 1
Really atmospheric music from movies as well as video games and TV shows (mostly Lost)

Daydream to Somewhere Else
Moody and atmospheric; music from Inception, Atonement, Memoirs of a Geisha, Twilight...

Piano to Some Film Scores/Sountracks? Yes.  
Mostly piano versions of scores from Amelie, Moon and others...

Bengt [film score nerd no. 2] Sounds. 
Mellow scores from action/adventure films such as Braveheart, Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter...

Epic Movie Soundtracks.
It's all in the name.  Really powerful stuff here from How To Train Your Dragon, Iron Man, Dragonheart...

Productivity V.
Again, some of the more melancholy stuff from Lost, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Band of Brothers...

Amazing Soundtracks.
This is one of my favourite mixes as it's quite an eclectic mix.  It includes stuff from Eminem (8 Mile), Inception, Kill Bill, The Dark Knight, The Godfather...

Do you have any suggestions for excellent film soundtracks? Please share in the comments below!

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