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A Day in the Outdoors

I do love spending time outdoors (as evidenced in this post) but I seem to be spending more time outdoors now that I'm married to hubby.  He's a very outdoorsy kinda guy and with his movie project slowly coming off the ground, we've spent a lot of time location scouting.  

The above is the Tatoi Royal Estate, the exiled King's summer retreat dating back to the 1870s which was completely left to waste when he was banished from the country in 1973. Beautiful old palaces, hotels, summer houses, pools, gardens, farming villages have completely been abandoned to the elements - and our prying eyes!  You definitely get an apocalyptic, ghost-town feel when you walk through it, making it the perfect location for our short horror/thriller. If we could only get past the inevitable red tape.....

I love that being with hubby has added this extra aspect to my life. He's added something new and exciting to both of our lives.  I'll always be forever grateful to him for that.

Does your significant other/partner/boyfriend/girlfriend add something to new and exciting to your life?


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