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Friday Pinkness

  1.Handmade Woollen Mittens on Etsy // 2. Bird Nest Photograph on Etsy // 3. Strawberries found on Tumblr // 4. Light Pink Jumper from H&M // 5. Bag from H&M // 6. Chevron Pillow Covers from Etsy // 7. Pink Studded Shoes // 8. Picture of Sweater from Tumblr // 9. Cotton Candy from We Heart it

The colour pink makes me supremely happy.  This week, all my favourite things pink are here on the blog for your viewing pleasure.   

Doesn't Lana look just fabulous in that light pink jumper from H&M?  It's on my wishlist!  You can see more pictures of Lana Del Rey and her H&M holiday campaign here.

 Happy Friday and happy weekend folks!

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