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Change is in the Air (+ Kitty Learns to Fetch)

Many important and exciting decisions and changes have taken place in the last week.  No doubt, change is very much in the air - much like the change in the weather and the change in the colour of the leaves, so doth change the colour of our lives.

We made the important decision to leave our old, cramped apartment and move to a MUCH nicer, larger one (with a rooftop terrace and pool!).  With the baby coming soon we're in need of a bigger place and moving to a more comfortable space now will preempt much of the stress that comes with taking care of a newborn.

I've started a new (dream) job at Daily Secret - a daily newsletter which sends out funky secrets of little-known things to do and places to go in cities across the world. I'm their English Writer so I write the English language editions for some of the most exciting cities (including Shanghai, Istanbul and Tel Aviv!).  Check the website out and make sure to sign up!  They're so cool to get for the city you currently live in or plan to visit in the future.

We're finally getting our short film project off the ground! We're gathering our actors and still waiting for a permit from the location we plan to use but we've made a lot of progress in the last month.  We're scheduled to start shooting in a few weeks so we're keeping our fingers firmly crossed that everything goes smoothly!

Lastly, we taught our kitty to fetch! She's the cutest thing in the entire world and if loving her like mad makes me a crazy cat lady, THEN SO BE IT.  You can watch the vid of her fetching here.

Are there any exciting and new things happening in your lives? I'd love to hear about them!

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