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A Love Letter: Part 1

NYC is the city I was born in, spent my childhood in and the city for which I continue to have extremely fond memories.  It was absolutely heartbreaking to see the storm cause so much destruction.  Having NYC in the collective consciousness for such an intense period of time over the past week reminded me of the amazing time I had when I went back in February to help my sister move over to start her new life.

In these series, I'll be sharing my photos and loves from that trip.  This is my love letter to New York City.


NYC doesn't need to do very much to overwhelm you with its charm.  You need just walk through the New York city streets to fall completely head over heels.

I completely fell in love with the architecture of everyday buildings.  As everyone says about NYC, I honestly couldn't stop looking up.

           I just had to take pictures of my favourite Mad Men hot spot.

We walked past the fence with all the handmade tiles remembering 9/11.  It was a really emotional place to be.

We watched The Artist  at the Paris Theatre off 5th Av.  A dream come true!

All photos were taken by me with instagram.  Please don't be mean and use them without my permission. Thanks!

You can donate to the Red Cross to help American efforts towards Hurricane Sandy here and you can also donate through iTunes.  We should also remember that the US was not the only country hit hard by Sandy - the hurricane caused immense damage, including death, in Cuba and the Carribbean and we shouldn't forget to help these relatively poorer regions by donating through Operation USA.

P.S. - In the spirit of giving, please also visit my Movember page and give whatever you can to raise awareness and help fight the fight for men's health.  Men do so much for Breast Cancer Awareness - let's pay it forward!

Tomorrow, I'll be sharing photos of my favourite museums in NYC...

Please feel free to share your memories and loves of NYC in the comments below.
Have a wonderful Sunday!

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