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A Love Letter: Part 5

Finally, we come to the last post of the series and with it some breathtaking views! Is there anything more wonderful and awe-inspiring than standing at the top of Rockefeller Centre and gazing upon the expanse of Central Park?  Many people would argue that there is but there are few things quite as unique a patch of greenery the size of a county amidst such a bustling city on a tiny little island.    

Beautiful doesn't even begin to describe it....

  All photos were taken by me with instagram.  Please don't be mean and use them without my permission. Thanks! But if you'd like to follow me, you can do so here!

You can donate to the Red Cross to help American relief efforts after Hurricane Sandy here and you can also donate through iTunes.  We should also remember that the US was not the only country hit hard by Sandy - the hurricane caused immense damage, including death, in Cuba and the Carribbean and we shouldn't forget to help these relatively poorer regions by donating through Operation USA.

P.S. - In the spirit of giving, please also visit my Movember page and give whatever you can to raise awareness and help fight the fight for men's health.  Men do so much for Breast Cancer Awareness - let's pay it forward!

Please feel free to share your memories and loves of NYC in the comments below.
It's almost the weekend. Yipee!

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