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5 Tips to Keep Calm When Looking at Your Blog Reader

When I go away for a while I simultaneously dread and look forward to checking out my blog reader.  I look forward to it because of all the delicious posts waiting to be devoured but I also dread the sheer number of them.  It takes time picking out the good'uns from the not so good'uns.  

This is why I'm practicing 5 simple rules to help keep me from feeling overwhelmed.

1. Only read articles that you are genuinely interested in/are relevant to you.
I often feel like I have to read everything in front of me.  I have this irrational fear that I'll miss something super cool and relevant to me.  As hard as you try, you cannot read EVERYTHING.  This is fact and no wishing on the universe will change this.

2. Allocate time in your day to catch up on blogs and don't go over it.  In all honesty, there are probably more important things you should be doing. Discipline is key!

3.  Start culling.  There are several blogs I haven't checked in on for a while and there's a blatant reason for this.  At times like this, it's time to get brutal and start culling.

4.  Don't get bogged down by chronology. It's absolutely fine to skim through and go straight to those posts which are relevant to you rather than reading them in chronological order.  Use the 'Like' button on Bloglovin to save posts for reading later on.

5.  Have fun categorizing.  I imagine like most people, I have my blogs sorted in groups on Bloglovin. If you don't, then I highly recommend doing this.  This is tip number one to prevent feeling overhwhelmed!  I always find myself checking out one group more than an other often leaving the other groups unread for days and days.  Every once in a while though I like to peruse my unread list as it is - without discriminating against groups.  It feels great and refreshing reading up on topics and new information that would otherwise be left unread.

Have you any useful tips? Please share!  
Have a great Sunday! We're off to go exploring in the woods again!

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