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A Love Letter: Part 4

NYC is absolutely stunning at night.  It literally shines.  It glimmers.  The lights of the skyscrapers step in for the concealed stars.  My sister is so lucky in that her office has a rooftop terrace with an absolutely breathtaking view which you can see in the last two pics.  They have loads of bbqs and events up there. I can't even imagine what it was like when the city was plunged into darkness during Sandy.
All photos were taken by me with instagram.  Please don't be mean and use them without my permission. Thanks!

You can donate to the Red Cross to help American relief efforts after Hurricane Sandy here and you can also donate through iTunes.  We should also remember that the US was not the only country hit hard by Sandy - the hurricane caused immense damage, including death, in Cuba and the Carribbean and we shouldn't forget to help these relatively poorer regions by donating through Operation USA.

P.S. - In the spirit of giving, please also visit my Movember page and give whatever you can to raise awareness and help fight the fight for men's health.  Men do so much for Breast Cancer Awareness - let's pay it forward!

Please feel free to share your memories and loves of NYC in the comments below.
Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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