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Baby Boy Shower (and favourite things)

We didn't end up having a baby shower while I was pregnant with James, but my mom and I were definitely in a baby boy sort of mood in the weeks leading up to my giving birth.

She received an order for cupcakes for a close friend of ours to take to a baby shower and she came up with these dreamy little creations. Those are adorable little baby booties sitting atop cream cheese frosting and strawberry lemon cake underneath . They are absolutely divine and so refreshing for summer events.

You can see more of what my mom does for weddings, baptisms and other special events at
A few of my favourite things

Movies & TV: Why nobody writes about popular TV shows.

Music: I will be losing the baby weight to this Pilates Power Up playlist on Spotify. 

Books: I love anything that has to do with bees and this book sounds truly interesting, in a dystopian way.

Food & Drink: Lemon drop jello shots. A Beautiful Mess do it again!

Travel: I travel vicariously through The Travel Hack's blog and instagram account. I was recently in the Caribbean, didn't ya know?

Blog: I may have mentioned this before but I love discovering awesome Greek lifestyle blogs. (written in English) is one of my faves: she interviews extraordinary people, comes up with mouthwatering cocktail recipes and her photos are to-die-for.

Etsy: Obsessed with this wooden iPhone case.

Brain Food: These clever drawings are unbelievably perceptive. Mind blown.

Science & Tech: Problems staying focused at work. The StayFocused Chrome app is here to help! It blocks out distracting sites of your choosing (looking at you Facebook and Pinterest) while you're at work.
Have a happy weekend!

11 Tips to Get You Out of the Doldrums

Nothing groundbreaking here and nothing you haven't already seen on a million other blogs, but it doesn't help to have a reminder!

1. Don't wallow in bed. Get up. Shower. Get dressed and you're ready to take on your day. Even if I don't plan to go out that day, I always put my make-up on (can't live without it) cos then I'm ready to take on whatever the world throws at me.

2. Make someone smile. Compliments go a long way for everyone involved.

3. Watch a silly comedy or one of your favourite movies (but make sure it's a light-hearted one!).  Clueless never fails to put me in a good mood (as well as make me feel like I can take on the world).

4.  Go for a walk. There's nothing like feeling the sun on your face, or even just breathing in the outside air.

5.  Write about it. Maybe even start a blog.

6.  Put happy music on and dance like no one is watching.  This light exercise will also definitely get the endorphins going.

7.  Read your favourite blogs for a quick happy fix.

8.  Have a cup of tea.  There's nothing that a cup of hot milky tea can't fix.

9.  Make exciting plans for the weekend.  Or start planning a weekend trip or holiday of a lifetime, even if you won't be taking it for a while.  The thought of travelling ALWAYS puts me in a good mood.

10.  If you or someone you know has pets go and spend some time with them.  Spending time with animals has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety and instantly get the endorphins going.  And who couldn't resist such CUTIES?!

11.  Sniff something wonderful.  Light your favourite candle, bake a cake, take fresh laundry out of the dryer, make a pot of coffee.  A delicious or fresh smell always puts me in a dandy mood.

... and then there's always ice cream. The pics above are of my mom's ice cream-themed cake. No real ice cream used here. The scoops are actually frosting covered in hardened white, dark and pink chocolate.

Do you have any tips to share?


So, this happened on May 22 2014 at 3pm. I'm writing this from the hospital bed with my little angel asleep next to me. He's more adorable than I could have ever imagined. I'm trying to soak up every second of him as a newborn. I wish I could bottle up the newborn baby scent. I hope I'll never forget the wise look on his puffy little face, and his slow kitten-like movements. He's so quiet. Like a little mouse.

We're taking him home today to meet his big brother. I can't wait to make the introductions!

The Last Time

If all goes to plan, this will be the last time I'm ever pregnant. I  haven't even given birth yet and already I feel nostalgic that this stage of my life has come and gone so quickly. Admittedly, we did plan it this way as I always wanted my children to be close in age (and I only ever wanted two), but I never expected to feel so melancholy about it.

After this baby, I will never feel what it's like to pee on a stick again and wait nervously (excitedly!) for the results.

To feel what it's like to have a little secret no one yet knows.

To feel the miracle of having a new tiny little life growing inside of you.

To go to the OB/GYN to see it for the first time; a small black dot on a screen that means the entire world.

To watch my belly grow with every passing month. To feel new life moving and kicking inside of me. 

To moan about heartburn from morning until evening. 

To monitor his size by comparing it to fruit. 

To receive kind smiles from strangers and to be able to cut to the front of the queue. 

To wonder about what he'll look like and who's funny traits he'll inherit.

To wait patiently for his arrival; keeping myself distracted with little things. Excited to think that he could come at any moment...

And then there's the whole newborn stage. I'll be reliving all of that again very soon -- but for the moment, it's pregnancy I'm already missing.

Henry was not a happy bunny in these pics! Photos were edited using the A Beautiful Mess Lightroom presets.

Take a look at photos from my last pregnancy here.

What a Pavlova!

Playing the waiting game is TOUGH. I'm just about ready for this pregnancy to be over. The heartburn, the constant peeing, the lack of sleep, the inability to tie my shoelaces has really taken it's toll on me this time around. 

I may have mentioned this before but I'm convinced that I'm dying a slow and painful death by heartburn. I don't even know how many times I've exceeded the maximum recommended dosage of Tums. 

Oh Tums. How I love thee.

This little guy is due in 10 days. I'm excited, nervous, anxious and relieved that it's come around so fast. There are so many people out here who just can't wait to meet him! Not least his big brother.

This pavlova sure is helping me get through all this waiting though. I wonder how many I can get through before little mister number two makes his appearance...

A few of my favourite things

Movies & TV: Are you guys watching HBO's Silicon Valley? It's my new favourite.

Music: OneRepublic's new music video. Love them!

Books: 'Eat Move Sleep' another fab book recommendation from Smart Pretty Awkward.

Food: For any Greek readers out there, I just discovered Madame Ginger, a fab Greek foodie blog.

Travel: I highly recommend a summer trip to one of these Greek islands.

Blog: I've made so many recipes from Lauren's Eating Whole blog (hello tortilla pizzas!). And her instagram is truly inspirational.

Etsy: I love this leather colour block clutch bag.

Brain Food: 'Does having kids make parents happy after all?' As always the comments section is just as interesting as the article itself.

Science & Tech: An inflatable car seat! Genius or safety hazard?

Have a happy weekend!
(and keep your fingers crossed for a weekend delivery!)

A Walnut Bread Kind of Day

I had a bit of  a scare last week. I was positive I was going into labour. For about two hours straight I had this constant contraction-like pain. It felt strange because contractions usually come and go in waves -- but this was just a constant sharp pain in my abdomen.

Luckily, it was nothing and Bubba No. 2 is staying put for the time being. This might sound insane, but I wouldn't mind if he delayed his arrival until his due date of May 26. This would make him a Gemini, one of my favourite star signs. But if he decides to enter the world a Taurus, I'm ok with that too!

My hubby would be doing some major eye-rolling right about now.

Anyway, my mom's walnut bread makes everything better. There's just something so comfort-foody about it. Don't you think?

A few of my favourite things

Movies & TV: Tommy Wiseau's 'The Room': the biggest practical joke in cinema history? You have to watch this YouTube clip.

Music: I can't stop listening to this Katie Herzig tune from the Saving Mr. Banks trailer. I know; I'm so late to the game.

Books: I'm really into my sci-fi lately and I've got Hugh Howey's Wool Trilogy on my list.

Food: Have you ever tried eggy bread? My cousin hadn't until a couple of months ago and it blew her mind when I made it for her.

Blog: I'm instantly put in a good mood the second I click onto Rebecca Mcloughlin's blog. It's just so pretty! 

Etsy: I'm coveting this cute elephant diaper bag and all its accessories.

Brain Food: I can definitely get behind these 10 New Commandments. 

Science & Tech: Engineered vaginas. What will they come up with next!

Have a wonderful weekend!

6 Ways I Stay Sane at Home With a Toddler


I've been working from home since 2011 but took some time off when Henry was born. I started work (from home) again when he was 3 months old in June 2013. I enjoyed having something other than child-rearing to think about and from which I could gain another sense of worth. I worked through to February of this year and since then I've started to take it easy. Believe it or not, being pregnant and looking after a toddler is actually hard work!

Here are 6 ways I keep my sanity when I'm at home with Henry:

1. I let the house get messy. I'm not going to be anal about it. I'm lucky in that I have help twice a week, but in all honesty, it's an everyday job to keep the house to a standard deemed acceptable by society. I've lowered my standards considerably and I'm A-OK with that. I love that Henry has the whole house to play around in, and while the toys covering every inch of the floor may get on my nerves sometimes, I just remind myself that it really, REALLY doesn't matter. I've had to retire my perspective of a tidy home = a tidy mind.

2. I let Henry play on his own. I need my own time. It's not healthy to give him constant attention. It's important to let him discover things on his own - including potential dangers. Our house it relatively childproof and it's small enough that I'm always within a close distance of Henry.

3. I hide old toys. I put away old toys, only to bring them out at a later date so that he can rediscover them. You'd think a child with so many toys would never get bored, but they do. So I like to put some older toys at the bottom of his toy box and bring them out only occasionally so that he can rediscover them. Keeps him busy for a while.

4. I've created a reading corner. Henry loves to read so I've put all of his books in a low shelf that he can easily access. I feel so proud watching him go to that corner as often as he does and spend so much time quietly turning the pages, looking at the pictures and pointing at things. Now that he's learned to climb onto the sofa, I keep some books in the nook of the L-shape so that he can climb up on there with us and read while we do our work.

5. We have a routine. Henry is like clockwork. He'll nap at exactly the same times every day. At the moment it's a total of two naps a day - one nap at around 10am until 12pm and another at about 4.30pm until 6.30pm and then he's asleep by 8.30pm. This gives me the freedom to plan my day around his schedule.

6. We go out as often as possible. We're lucky in that we live in a country where the weather is warm and sunny the majority of the time. I take Henry out for about 2 to 2.5 hours almost every day. We go to the park, for ice cream or just have a wander around the high street. There's always something to see and do and it's nice to meet up with my cousin for lunch every once in a while.  2.5 hours is his limit though as he starts to get cranky for his nap, and this child (weirdly) does not sleep in his stroller. I think he's only ever slept in it twice!

Pictures of Henry and his grandpa have been edited with the A Beautiful Mess Lightroom presets.

Do you have any tips for keeping sane at home with a toddler?

Rainbow Cake

I can't help but share a couple of photos I recently took of my Mom's wonderful Rainbow Cake. How amazingly delicious does it look?! I think it's just plain vanilla sheet cake with different coloured food dyes swirled in, layered on top of chocolate fudge. It was so yum. I couldn't get enough.

We've been having some excellent weather round these parts and we're thoroughly enjoying basking in the sunshine.

What have you been up to this week?

A few of my favourite things

Movies & TV: A live-action Barbie movie is in the works. I'm intrigued...

Music: I'm putting together the ultimate instrumental film music playlist on Spotify. If you have any suggestions, do send them my way! You can find it here

Books: Are you taking part in the A Beautiful Mess Book club?

Food: My new favourite food blog. Just LOOK at those photos!

Blog: Beautiful pictures plus gorgeous recipes on Once Upon a Rolling Pin. I love discovering new Greece-based bloggers!

Etsy: Cutest owl pillow ever? I sure think so!

Science & Tech: Have you EXPERIENCED this yet?! Just wow.

Have a wonderful week!