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Born to be wild.

Eek! I cannot CANNOT wait to start planning our honeymoon - which has been delayed to March next year due to new (and exciting!) work commitments.  But that's ok, that's fine by me because that means we have a whole 5 months to plan the trip of a lifetime.

You may remember my mentioning the book Make The Most Of Your Time On Earth (in the post here) and how I'd make a list of all my favourite bits.  Well, here's one which is also a major clue to what we have planned.  All words are lifted straight from the book.

"Highway 1 starts in little Leggett, but most people pick it up in San Francisco, just after it has raced US-101 across the Golden Gate Bridge and wiggled its way through the city.  Roll down the rooftop on your convertible - this is California after all - and chase the horizon south, through Santa Cruz and misty Monterey and then on to Big Sur, one of the most dramatic stretches of coastline in the world, where the forest-clad foothills of the Santa Lucia Mountains ripple down to a ninety-mile zigzag of deeply rugged shore.

You could easily spend a week in one of the mountain lodges here, hiking in the region's two superb state parks or watching grey wales gliding through the surf, but SoCal's sands are calling.  Gun the gas down through San Luis Obispo and swanky Santa Barbara until you hit Malibu, from where - as the Pacific Coast Highway - the road tiptoes around Los Angeles, dipping in and out of the beachside suburbs of Santa Monica, Venice and Long Beach.


Highway 1 eventually peters out at San Juan Capistrano, but most people pull off a few miles shy, finishing their journey in Los Angeles.  Leaving Malibu's multi-million dollar condos behind and easing gently into the downtown LA traffic.  It'll suddenly dawn on you that the hardest part of the journey is still to come - at some point soon, you're going to have to say goodbye to the convertible."

Although, rather than the said convertible, we've decided to go down the less cool path and do it RV style.  A lifelong dream of mine!

Yipee and Hurrah!

Maria xx



  1. I just moved to LA! How can you resist California coastal highways?

    x. jill
    those ghosts

  2. I like the pictures! California seems to be a beautiful place))


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