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4 Months!

Where does the time go?! No, but for real. Where does it go?? You've only been in our lives for four months and yet it feels like forever.

Your hair remains ridiculous. You're laughing loads, like when I tickle your belly or blow in your face and you're turning into a real roly poly.  On June 25th, you rolled completely over for the first time. It's mid-July now and you're on your belly in a flash! 

We haven't seen signs of teeth yet, but you're definitely making noises about it. You probably have your hands in your mouth 90% of the time. And the sounds that are coming out of you! We could almost make out a 'mama'! You're starting to know what you want and asking for it.

Now that you've mastered lifting yourself up on your arms, you're so close to sitting up. You can nap for hours one day, and not sleep a wink another. You make it very difficult to plan my days (but I wouldn't have it any other way).

Our trip to the homeland, Chios, was so much fun. You were such a champ on the boat and on the road trips: in and out of cars, up and down hills. I'm loving that you're so good on trips at such a young age. I'm hoping this will help you develop a love for travel when you're older. 

Your face grows and changes within a single day. You'll wake up with one face and go to bed with another. We all adore watching you grow and you bring each and every one of us tremendous joy into our lives.  I can't wait until your auntie Ilia comes in August to see you at this sweet age.

We love you with all our hearts, little bean! Happy 4 months!