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5 Months!

Last Thursday, you turned a whole 5 months! WOW! If you had any doubts about whether you were a big boy, NOW you're a big boy!

You roll around back to tummy (but haven't mastered rolling back onto your back), you lift yourself up to a sitting position using my fingers (and make the cutest little 'struggle' face in the process), and you can even get onto your knees and push your bum into the air (the first signs of crawling). If I put my hands against the bottom of your feet you can push/crawl your way across the other side of your play mat. Such a clever bean!

Your toes have found your mouth and oh, how they love to be there. Big toe in. Big toe out. Little toe in. Little toe out. And all the while, you've got the biggest grin on your face. Is there a better feeling in the entire world than seeing your baby grin like mad and kick their feet and twirl their hands with excitement at the sight of you? No. No there is not. It probably comes tie with seeing your baby laugh their little heart out at something you do (like hiccup for instance. We have a video of this. Look it up. It's hilarious and was a total hit on Facebook).

Your hands reach for EVERYTHING! You have such a strong grip. Nothing is off limits: phones, cutlery, food, hair, noses. You change every day. I'm convinced you change after every single nap. Your face becomes more knowing and even cuter than it was before (right when we think it's impossible for you to be any cuter.) You've been taking a lot of naps lately. Extra long ones too! I'm sure that's not going to last very long. Your ability to blow raspberries has gotten even stronger. You love to blow raspberries - for minutes on end. And you've got the funniest, most serious expression when you do it. As if you're disgruntled that someone you're having a heated conversation with doesn't get your point.

Next week, we start proper food practice. How exciting! We'll start of with vanilla creams and move on to pureed fruit. I can't wait to see your little expressions as you try all of these new yummy flavours. There is so much for you to discover! You have your whole little life ahead of you! How amazing is that? Seriously. 

We love you bean, more and more each day, impossible as it may seem.