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Merry Christmas!

Picture of kitty by the tree - taken by me!

We've survived an apocalypse, frenzied shopping, the longest day of the year and now it's finally time to take on the holiday. I can't wait to jet off to London tomorrow to spend the holidays with the husband's family. It's always super-festive with them as they go all out with Christmas lunch/dinner, decorations and the fun and games of boxing day. Plus! We'll be in the UK, which increases our chances of having a white Christmas by a billion percent.  

We're not doing presents this year just cos it's been so NUTS these past few months. But I'm lucky enough to be getting the best present of ALL. Ever. Santa's bringing my sis to London from NYC! I haven't seen her since the summer - and hardly at all during my pregnancy - so this is the one SINGLE thing I'm most excited about for the holidays.

Apart from that, we're going to a Christmas wedding, I'm seeing my best friend (again, someone I haven't seen at all during my pregnancy) and I get to stock up on snack a' jacks.

Here's to wishing you all a very merry time over the holidays and my gift to you - some fun wintery/Christmas-themed posts I've liked lately:

A Beautiful Mess' Emma's instagram calendar is such a neat idea.

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A festive candy cane smoothie from the Happiness Cocktail. What?

Sara's Yes and Yes 2013 calendar looks even better than last year's!

I'll be joining Gretchen Rubin's 21-day Relationship Challenge which starts on Jan 14. And her 7 tips to keeping new year's resolutions aren't bad either.

Emma ABM's biscuits and mushroom gravy. Slurp.

A super-awesome Christmas play list compiled by a Beautiful Mess.

Gingerbread. Hot. Cocoa. Courtesy of Bakingdom.

Photoprint wrapping paper via Sugar & Charm. So cute!

Cauliflower feta fritters magic-ed up by Smitten Kitchen.

 Happy Holidays!


Oh, Life...

You are such a funny, funny thing. I don't think I've ever been busier than since I've been pregnant. My pregnancy is not entirely how I'd imagined it: leisurely days, coffees with friends, daydreaming about life with this little man.

I'm not going to get into the details but it's just funny when life throws curve balls at you.  But it only does so because it thinks you can take it. Or do I, alone, think I can take it and have ended up making a terrible, terrible mistake....

Time will tell. But I don't tend to make too many mistakes in life. I've never regretted a decision. Things have somehow always worked out for me.

So, I'll be staying true to my character and ploughing on through. It's always hard in the beginning, anyway.

What has the past month looked like for you?