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Maria Loves... Hidden Messages and Coconut Mint Ice Cream

Hah! In the summer, I'm a Frappuccino. Source

This Thursday, I'm loving these lovely links and these lovely things in life...


A really helpful post by Rachel Phipps on how she earns money through her blog.

I LOVE this theme for a wedding shower!

Have fun getting happy!

Check out what Facebook used to look like in 2004.

I've been on the hunt for a movie-making app for my iPhone and I think I've found it!

I love hidden messages in well known logos. The Tour de France was my favourite.

Coconut. Mint. Ice Cream. That is all.

Top 10 Superfoods for Glowy Skin as per The Happiness Cocktail. You'll be pleased to know that chocolate makes the cut!

Kaelah Bee offers some GREAT tips on how to spread the blogger love.

I finally gone and bought this from Jo Totes. And I plan to use it as a diaper bag. Thoughts?


Dreamy kitty whimpers. Red velvet chickadee cupcakes (as seen here). Making silly Easter themed Vine videos. Purging. Sunset chats with family. Summer temps. Lunches overlooking pools. Happy meetings. BBQs. Reading on sun loungers. Skydiving charity donations. Baby yawns. Homemade choc chip cookies.  

I'm also really pleased I've managed to figure out how to read while walking Bubs around the room: holding him tight against me with one hand, while the other holds open a hardback. And it only really works with hardbacks. Bliss!

Hope you're having a wonderful week!

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