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In Love...

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Who knew such a love existed? I am completely and utterly, one hundred percent, head over heels in love with my little man. He arrived right on time - naturally and quickly and painlessly - just like a true gentleman (he IS half English after all). 

His big brown eyes and full head of hair charmed us all instantly. And every day he changes. Getting stronger (he has SUCH control over his head movements!) and bigger and looking more and more like a little human (luckily, he bypassed the alien/grumpy old man look as a newborn). 

We're so proud of our little bean. He is wonderfully perfect. So innocent, so sweet... and we intend to surround him with love always. He's made us so happy and we intend to do just the same for him.

Welcome to the world little guy. We can't wait to get to know you!


Almost There

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 This is it! The final stretch.

Two more days until I check into the hospital for my induction. That is, unless this little guy decides to make an appearance before then! While I understand the reasons behind having to be induced, I'm also kind of sad that I'll miss out on the element of surprise of a completely natural labour: the false alarms, the frantic rush to the hospital, my water breaking in a humiliating way... Who knows? That may all still be in the cards!

What a week, though! After suffering an excruciating toothache since Wednesday last week, I finally took the plunge and had an emergency root canal done yesterday. A root canal and labour in one week! No one can possibly question my high threshold for pain. I am so thankful that I won't have to greet my little man with all this pain going on in my face. I can finally focus on his arrival!

Next time I post, I may just be a mama...


The Last Weekend...

Today, it's hit me...

This is the last weekend hubby and I will spending on our own. My due date is fast approaching (March 8), and while there's a good chance our little bubba will turn up before then, he will not be staying cosied up with Mommy past that day. Whatever happens, we've scheduled an appointment for an induction on Friday March 8. We were recently told that our little guy has got his umbilical cord wrapped around his neck twice, and while the doctor is not worried about this at all (almost 50% of babies are born just fine with the cord wrapped around their necks) he's advised against going past the due date in case the extra weight gain causes complications.

So, this is it! We will definitely (all being well!) have a baby to cuddle this time next week. It probably sounds like I'm exaggerating when I say that it still hasn't sunk in, but I'm telling you, this is all so surreal! And yet, I really can't wait to meet this little companion of mine of the past nine months.

What will he look like? Who will he take after? What sort of disposition will he have? So many questions which will soon be answered. 

How did you feel when you were expecting?