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Turning 30...

... is not that bad when you've got a lovely, gorgeous husband who cooks you dinner every evening because he just loves to cook. When you've got a family who are incredibly supportive and loving and the best people anyone could ask for. When you've got the awesomest, funniest, wisest of sisters who shows you the most unconditional love and makes you proud every day. When you've got the bestest of friends ready to make you laugh at the drop of a hat. When you live in a lovely home in a gorgeous part of the world. When you love your job and look forward to doing it every day.

Turning 30 is not that bad when you wake up to the sweetest, pudgiest face in the mornings. When you've got the most gorgeous little creature making your life an absolute joy every single day. When your life is so full of love that you can almost feel your heart burst.

I turned 30 yesterday and yeah, I'm ok about it.

When Do You Blog?

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Admittedly, I haven't been doing much blogging lately.  However, it is something I enjoy and I try to make time for in my day

I find that some of my most inspired and motivated moments are in the morning. So whenever I do have a relatively eventless start to the day, this is when the blogging magic happens. I say magic because if you blink, you'll miss it.  If I leave it until any other time of the day, life, work and Henry just get in the way. But what a cute distraction, eh?

I often wonder, when reading the blogs of awesome moms (Taza of Rockstar Diaries being one of them), when do they have time to blog when they've got not one, but two (in the case of Taza) very mobile, very curious, very excitable toddlers in the house. I have huge admiration for these women!

In an ideal world, I'd wake up nice and early, bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, coffee in hand, ready to tackle this blank page with the wittiest of words and the prettiest of photos.

Here's to wishful thinking.

Whether you've got little ones or not, I'd love to know how and when you fit blogging into your day.

6 months (already!)

Last Sunday was your half birthday. You're six months old! You've long moved on from the newborn stage. We can now start to see the makings of a tumbling little toddler. 

This month has been a month of firsts: first taste of solid food (rice cereal), first flight (from Chios to Athens), first real dunk into the sea (at Yiosona beach), first haircut, first successful attempt to sit up, first night in your own room. 

You were such a champ on your first flight. You had your bottle and then fell fast asleep for all 40mins of the journey. I hope this good experience will instil within you a love for travel. 

Your first haircut turned you into such a stud (boho chic to sophisticated chic). See above and swoon.

Your first taste of solid food revealed a massive love for bananas. My little monkey. 

We've also booked your first trip to London to see your English family and cousins. We're off in early December. We can't wait to show you London during Christmastime. It's absolutely MAGICAL!

You are not allowed to grow this quickly, little dude! Please take a breather and let your mommy enjoy your cute little babyhood a little while longer. No matter how hard I try to get a fill of your chubby thighs, your button nose, your sweet smell, your tiny toes, your gorgeous smile, your laughing eyes, I know I will never have my fill. I will never get enough. I want to breathe you in; bottle up your babyness forever and ever. I don't think there's ever been a cuter baby in the whole history of the world. You're the cutest, sweetest thing I've ever had the pleasure of laying my eyes on. I'm sorry other Mamas out there, I'm being entirely subjective here.

Two of my favourite people in the entire world. My little man and my Momma.

We love you forever and ever, little man.

Letting Go

Two nights ago was the first night Henry slept in his own room. It was a decision I've been putting off. But at almost 6 months old, it was time. I love watching him sleep next to us. He's so peaceful. Like a little angel. And I love waking up to him every morning. He'd usually be awake before us (and, dare I say, even wake us up), chattering away to himself for an hour or so. There is no sweeter sound in the world. Having him sleep next to us made my happy beyond belief, just knowing that the two most important people in your life are safe and asleep in the same room as you.

I keep having to remind myself that my little boy won't be a baby forever. As much as I would love to cuddle him and kiss him and squeeze him and have him forever in my arms, I have to remind myself that my job, as his mother, is to raise a responsible, loving, independent human being. And this means letting go. 

Good thing is, he's still tiny. So I can shower him with millions and zillions of kisses for a little while longer!

Was it difficult for you the first time you put your baby in their own room? How did you feel about letting go?

Fudge. Because why not.

Yesterday, I made fudge with my mom. It's so easy to make - which is dangerous! Just get some good quality chocolate, some sugary condensed milk, butter and powdered sugar. Mix all together on low heat, pour into a tray, stick in the fridge for about an hour and you've got fudge. I believe she adapted this recipe. 

The fun part comes in choosing what to put in your fudge. We went for Snickers and Mars for the one batch, and white chocolate, milk chocolate and After Eights in the other batch. The batch above is white chocolate and Reeses Pieces bites. DELICIOUS.

Oh and you might have noticed the chocolate chip chunk cookies thrown in for good measure.

I'm trying to lose the baby weight and my mom isn't helping. I think I might just stick to taking photos of her creations. Which brings me to: I think I've discovered a new interest - I'm really really enjoying photographing and styling my mom's creations. I want to learn everything there is to know about food styling and photography. 

Any advice and suggestions are welcome!

All Quiet On This Front

It's been a little quiet around here lately. I've started working full swing now which leaves me very little time to write. This here blog has gradually turned into a month-by-month rundown of what Henry's getting up to. And I think that's fine for now.

When I'm not working, we've been enjoying (eventful!) trips to the motherland (my family's home island of Chios) and quiet days at home. We're enjoying watching the season change and to be honest, I'm very happy for this heat to disappear. We've also booked a trip to London in December to visit the UK side of the family and I can't wait! London during Christmas is just the absolute best! We can't wait to take Henry to all of the museums and to Winter Wonderland.

So much to look forward to!