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Aegina: Take Two

We had a lovely time in Aegina this past weekend. We went for the day rather than staying the weekend and it was so worth it. It's so nice to get away from the hubbub of the city. My dad's place is a proper little hideaway where all our worries melt away. How could they not with all these cute creatures surrounding us? 

Henry had a brief dip in the pool (by way of an inflatable boat filled with lukewarm water) but he wasn't having any of it. He preferred dry land that day.

I would highly recommend at least a day trip to Aegina for anyone visiting Athens. It's so close (1 hour by boat and 45 mins by Flying Dolphin from the port of Piraeus) and yet it feels like you're on a faraway island getaway. You can find more information about travelling to Aegina, including ferry schedules, here.

What did you get up to over the weekend?

Routine with Baby?

Isn't it such a joy every time the weekend comes around? To be fair, weekdays and weekends don't differ too much for me because I work from home. What does change is the routine. For starters, we get to have hubby/daddy all to ourselves for a whole two days. Secondly, we often go out for lunch with my parents, which is always fun.

This week, I've been fairly successful in starting up a new weekday routine - it involves exercise and some much loved sun. We're lucky enough to have a small pool on our roof terrace, so once Henry's had his breakfast, I take him upstairs in his car seat and sit him down with some toys while I do 50 laps in the pool. It's been totally refreshing and energising. I've managed to do it every day this week since Sunday, and that's quite a feat with a demanding baby. I guess it's all about establishing a routine for him. And it goes without saying that his routine is my routine. 

It's been quite a challenge trying to fit everything I need to do in a day within two hour spurts (ie. the time between feeds). But what I've discovered in my three months as a mother, is that this new added time pressure has made me more efficient. Before having Henry, I would probably laze around on the computer or on my phone while hubby got ready for work. Now, I'm straight up doing chores around the house and more recently, exercising. And what I'm really trying to master is multitasking during Henry's brief periods of calm. While he's feeding, I'll also read a book or answer emails on my phone. While I'm walking him around the room, I'll put my ankle weights on and do some exercise or learn French using a recently purchased audiobook (hoping that maybe he'll pick up a few words too!).

I know it probably goes against the norm, but I'm seeing that having a baby has made me more organised, efficient, motivated and, of all things, fit! Apart from these things, I'm pleased to say that having a baby hasn't changed me in any other respect. Or, at least, that's what I think!

Maybe someone should ask the husband...

P.S. We're off to Aegina again this weekend! Woo hoo! Also, as some of you may have heard, it's bye bye for Google Reader after July 1, so make sure you follow along through Bloglovin' (link below).

Did having a baby change you? And in what ways?

A Video: Henry's First Trip to Aegina

I just wanted to share a little video I made on iMovie of Henry's first trip to Aegina a couple of weeks ago. We had a blast over there and we can't wait to go again this weekend when his great aunt and uncle will be visiting all the way from the UK. It'll be their first time meeting Henry.

Oh what fun!

The song in the video is 'Los Tiempos Van Cambiando' by Franky Perez & Los Guardianes

Sunday Inspiration: Happy Father's Day!

How funny is this print? Both my dad and my step-dad are definitely 'The Shit' and I'm so pleased that my son's dad is also 'The Shit'. 

They're all super dads and I love each and every one of them like crazy. They're such fantastic role models for my son and I'm so grateful that they're such a huge part of his life.

To all dads out there, a Happy Father's Day to you all! And especially to my hubby who celebrates his first Father's Day today. I love you, hubs!

P.S. You can buy this print from Big Mowth Prints on Etsy.

Happy 3 Months, Henry!

On June 8, you turned 3 months old. I'll never tire of saying it: I can't believe how much you've grown! The biggest changes so far have occurred between weeks 11 and 12. You now reach out and grab hold of things - my phone, my fingers, my hair, your bottle, your crinkly book, the white tiger in your play pen that plays its jungle theme. You've had the best tummy time I've seen so far, lifting your shoulders and upper back so so high, looking up to see the world with your big, round, brown eyes. I was so proud of you!

You're also so close to rolling over, swinging your legs from side to side, stretching them straight out and lifting them off the ground (so cute!). You may not be rolling over yet, but you are turning yourself round 180 degrees in your play pen. I'll leave you facing one direction and find you facing the other way! You little wriggler! 
You're such a little motor mouth too, blabbing away to anyone who'll listen. Sometimes, you don't even need an audience. I'll often wake up to hear you jabbering away on your own, so happily. And then when I get up to lift you out of your crib, you'll flash me your biggest, sweetest, happiest smile. You sure know how to make a girl's heart melt, you little flirt. And when words aren't enough, blowing a raspberry helps you get your point across. And boy, do you like getting your point across. 

Your little face is no longer that of a newborn (SOB!). Your perfect little features are slowly finding their way in the world. Sometimes, I forget how young you are because you have such a grown up, knowing face. But then I look down at the cutest little toes and footsies I've ever seen and I'm reminded how small you still are. My little bean. When we gave you a bath yesterday, you couldn't stop splish splashing with your feet. Oh, how you loved it!

You're in desperate need of a haircut. But I can't bring myself to chop those lovely locks off! Everyone comments on how much hair you have. I took you to the supermarket for the first time last week in the little baby carrier. You loved it, I think. You were asleep the whole time. But a little old lady thought you were a girl. Silly woman. It must have been because of all the hair, but didn't she see your big strong-man face?

My most surprised, proudest moment yet was when you played with mommy's phone, tapping away at the screen to make the Fisher Price toys giggle. You're so clever! We have a video of it somewhere. It's worth a watch!

It's been a busy month for you. You had your first vaccine (which went really well). We thought you may have had a fever from it, but I think you were alright in the end. You met your cousin Bethany. You had your first passport photos taken (you kinda look like a mad scientist with all that hair - it doesn't even fit in the shot!) and your first trip to visit your grandpa and grandma in Aegina. You can see photos from that trip here. You finished your 3rd month off with a bang by laughing for the first time! It was on your actual 3 month birthday when your great auntie was playing with you, lifting you up in the air and blowing raspberries into your belly when we first heard your giggle. It was stupendous - and we hope to hear it a lot more!

These pictures were taken during Mother's Day this year, when cousin Bethany was also visiting. Such lovely pics of you with grandma and grandpa.  

You make us such proud parents and we'll always be grateful to you for that. 

I love you, little bean.

Sunday Inspiration

How fantastic are these glorious world maps? The top one is made of butterflies and the lower one is made of splatters of pain. They're both so vibrant and interesting. I want to cover Henry's room in maps. I want him to have the world at his finger tips.

I'm sure a purchase of one of these is in my immediate future. You can buy them too from the artPause shop on Etsy.

Maria Loves... Mindy and The Quiet Life

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I'm a day late with my Things I Love Thursday! But who's counting, right?


My Monday nights are now empty without Mindy. Here are 8 Reasons We'll Miss Mindy Over The Summer.

The Sales Secret Many Marketers Ignore.

'It's OK to be Happy with a Quiet Life'. I LOVE this post by Katie at House of Humble. I'm totally feeling it.

What does it mean this days to be a Good Wife?

I love a good Mad Men wardrobe analysis.

Start a Blog Before You Go To Bed Tonight.

I love this post by Gala Darling about how she left the corporate world to make a living as a blogger.

If this isn't the most inspiring thing you'll read all weekend then I want to know about it.

This clip has had it's fair share of cyber coverage, but I can't get enough of these reactions to the latest Game of Thrones episode. I, too, WEPT for dear life.

I want to live in this airstream!

LOVELY THINGS (in life right now)

Sleepy baby smiles. Fresh summer strawberries. Weekend trips to islands. Best friend visits. Planning summer vacations. Billy Byrson's 'At Home'. Ferry rides. Homemade popsicles. Flossing. Lunch by the sea. Seagulls. Aegean blue. Baby bubbles. Crazy cute kittens. Lemon blueberry cake. Juicy cherries.

What are you loving this week?

Henry's First Trip: Big Boats & Tiny Kittens

 photo P1050430_zpsf45e0425.jpg
 photo P1050395_zps280f5bdb.jpg photo 01eed6ab-dae8-4900-8efe-a36001251c4e_zps6837b2a9.jpg
 photo P1050444_zps0418103a.jpg
 photo 5ae97de7-6361-44d6-9226-1c95ca6b2e02_zpsf4ce67c5.jpg
 photo 5a734ad6-33d9-4b5f-a4c9-c6c23e76b4c5_zpsa378456d.jpg
 photo P1050469_zps122e3c6a.jpg
 photo P1050167_zpsb8ac6524.jpg
Our trip to the island of Aegina on Saturday was Henry's first trip away from home and his first time ever on a boat! We were only away for one night, but it was still all very exciting for Henry! We took a big boat from the port of Pireaus and were in Aegina in an hour. Luckily, the drive to the port had put Henry right to sleep so he was quietly snoozing away for the duration of the ride. 

Stepping on to the port in Aegina always takes my breath away. Even though it's only a small island at such a short distance from the mainland, visiting always feels like a proper island getaway; and now that the weather has turned truly summery, we felt like we were on vacation. We spent Saturday lounging by the pool, meeting the new kittens, having lunch by the sea and eating amazing desserts by Vinta. It was incredibly relaxing and Henry had lots of fun meeting little creatures just like himself. Seeing them altogether was cuteness overload. It was unbearable!

On Sunday, we took a stroll around the port, admiring all the big yachts and the horse drawn carriages and then sat down at a seaside cafe for some orange juice and beers. The island was already brimming with tourists marking the start of the season. We took the big boat back to the mainland and while Henry was edgier on the way back, I'm sure there will come a day when he'll love his trips on the big boats.

We've returned home now and our skin is that little bit darker, Henry's hair is that little bit lighter and my thighs are considerably wider. 

Here's to more trips to Aegina.

What did you get up to this weekend?