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Shabby Apple Maternity Wear

Since becoming pregnant  I've been looking forward to buying all manner of cutsie things for our tiny little boy - from bumblebee onesies, to teeny tiny bathrobes, to super duper small socks.  What I wasn't expecting was how excited I'd be to start building a whole new maternity wardrobe!  Admittedly, I'm not that big (yet!).  But gosh darn, I recently bought two pairs of maternity jeans and I want to live in them forever.  Maternity wear really IS that comfortable.

I have to be honest.  The fashionable options in Greece are fairly limited.  But thanks to the wonders of the internet I have access to a whole host of super-stylish maternity wear brands; brands I never even considered would have maternity wear.  Turns out moms are cool too!

I recently came across the Shabby Apple Maternity line and I've instantly fallen in love.  The pieces are more grown up than others I've come across - great for the office or grown up family get togethers and holiday occasions.  And if you don't want to go all-out maternity they've got a great selection of their regular line which is Maternity Friendly.

These are some of my favourite picks...

Maternity Friendly Cockeyed Optimist Dress. NOW ON SALE!

Finding Out Maternity Dress

Maternity Friendly Harbor Tee

Wonderland Maternity Dress

Do you have any recommendations for stylish maternity wear?


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