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Oh, For The Love of Pink!

Never fear, the pink is here!

 Pictures sourced from We Heart It.  If any of these are yours please let me know so that I can credit them properly.

The lack of post yesterday was on account of my spending much of the day picking out just the right shade of blue for the nursery.  All my life, I always thought that at this point in my pregnancy I'd be picking between shades of the cotton candy and princess rose variety, which is to say, I always thought I'd have girls.  Maybe because I'm one of two sisters; I always believed girls were calmer, more studious and hence, less trouble for hubby and I.

Now that the reality of my becoming a mom is starting to (SERIOUSLY! WTF!) hit home,  I couldn't care less about the sex of our baby.  It turns out that the make up of his chromosomes has little effect on how much I friggin' love this little boy already.  This little man is going to be so sweet, innocent and pure - it makes me feel like a bad momma that all that time I ago I was hoping for a girl.

I may just have to turn Pink Fridays into Blue Fridays... 

  Hope you're having lovely weekends!

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