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Happy Today

A friend of mine recently posted a facebook status update where she asks herself  'What can I do today that will make me happy?'  This is a question I don't often ask myself.  But really - why not? I am completely guilty of not doing more of the things that make me truly happy.

What would make me happy today, you ask?

Baking.  Getting my hands dirty.  There's nothing like it! Flour, icing sugar, butter smeared on my nose.  And the smell of happiness baking away in the oven.  There's nothing quite like working with your hands to get you feeling super duper.

Writing.  When the inspiration strikes it is imperative that you grab it!  The blank page is a very scary thing; but just imagine the delight in filling a whole page. Start typing/writing now. Fill a page. You can do it!
Reading. Sitting outside on the balcony with a nice thick book in my hands is one of the best feelings. This way, I also kill two birds with one stone by spending time outdoors.

Exercising.  I seriously need to do more of this.  I can't seem to decide whether I'd do more if I had a gym membership or if I just got into the habit of doing it at home.  I've downloaded a few exercise vids for expecting mommies so we'll see how I get onA good incentive is buying new super cute workout outfits.

Drawing.  There's nothing like buying a fresh set of coloured pencils to get your heart racing. Oh the colours! Oh the possibilities! Same goes for a blank notebook. Go out and buy some now! I like designing dresses and drawing face profiles.

Spending Time Outdoors.  I'm lucky in that I live in Greece where we get sunshine and good weather pretty much most months of the year.  Having breakfast on the balcony, going for a short walk to the grocery store or even strolling along the beach bring me so much joy.

A Clean Kitchen.  Sure, washing dishes is a chore. Wiping down counters is a pain.  But when I see my reflection in the oven and the sparkling white counter tops glistening in the sun, I feel supremely content.

Taking Pictures. There's no excuse anymore.  Apps like Instagram have made it easier than ever to document our daily existence. I so enjoy editing my pictures to make for a much more interesting 'everyday'.

Meaningful Conversation.  When we're not in front of the TV, we're either in front of our laptop screens or engrossed in our respective books.  Rarely do hubby and I ever make the time or happen upon an instance where we engage in long meaningful conversations about life, our future, kids and all things good and wonderful.  I need to make more of these moments happen.

If I can manage to do all of the above in one day I may just explode with happiness!

What would make you happy today?

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