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El Capitan

After much relaxation in Napa, we put our hiking boots on and headed to Yosemite.  There, we stayed in a fantastic yurt out in the ol' wilderness (we found it on airbnb and it was fabulous!), had PB&J sandwiches by the Merced River and ate the best hot wings I've ever had in a real life gold rush saloon! It was just the best.



  1. Beautiful pictures! I worked (and lived) in Yosemite National Park for almost 3 years doing's a stunning place! I love hearing when people visit there :)Did you visit the falls at all?

  2. I love Yosemite - looks beautiful!

    xo Jennifer

  3. I love Yosemite, such a wonderful place.... did you your bit of tree hugging?

    Have a great weekend lady! Are you back in Greece or still travelling?

  4. My hubby and I so want to visit Yosemite! Your pictures are gorgeous.


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