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A Beautiful Storm

While East Coast USA-ers are battening down their hatches, we're sitting here in 28 degree celsius Greece praying for some wintery weather.  I've had enough of the heat and have already started dreaming of a winter wonderland.

However, aside from Frankenstorm-watch, this past weekend was an additional reminder to us Mediterraneans of how helpless we too are to the powers of the weather.  While we make plans, the weatherman laughs. 

Hubby and I were all packed and ready to go spend a nice, sunny day on the island of Aegina when the weather suddenly became disapproving of our intentions.  The ferries were banned from running and we were stuck on the mainland. I'm not going to complain too much because this gave us every excuse to stay indoors and start painting the nursery (yes, that perfect shade of blue).

Whilst storms can be dangerous, destructive and downright scary they're also a great excuse to not go into work, stay indoors and catch-up on all the fun/practical things you've been meaning to do at home.  Never seen Casablanca? Now's your chance! Putting off organising your sock drawer? No excuses now!  Or you can choose to stay safe indoors with friends and eat pancakes all day long (this is what I'd be doing).

Not to be too morbid, but you can watch a live webcam of Sandy making contact with the East Coast through any one of these cams.

Whatever you're doing, whatever the weather, I hope you're staying safe (and having fun)!


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