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Pacific Coast Highway

I think my favourite part of the trip was driving up to San Francisco from LA on the famous Highway 1.  The scenery was absolutely breathtaking and we saw so many seals and sea elephants basking in the sun on the beaches and rocks.  It was truly refreshing after the hectic-ness of LA to be out in nature again.  Big Sur is absolutely not to be missed.  And the coastal towns of Cambria and Carmel are brimming with charm!

Having spent a considerable amount of time in the States before, we finally came to a few unwavering conclusions about California and the country in general:

1.  Most people are super duper nice. Probably the nicest of any other country we've come across.
2.  Waiters absolutely deserve their large tips.
3.  America definitely knows how to do breakfast!
4.  It's nigh on impossible to turn left whilst driving in Beverly Hills.
5.  It's the best country for a road trip.  Gas is RIDICULOUSLY cheap (compared to Europe!).



* All the pictures from our honeymoon are my own so please don't be mean and use them without my permission.  I used the free online software to edit them.  Another genius tip from Sarah at Yes and Yes.

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  1. Looks like a beautiful drive!

    xo Jennifer


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