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Failure be and to do.

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Well, I guess my first attempt at achieving something this year hasn't gone all that well.  I started off so very committed to completing Fat Mum Slim's January Photo a Day Challenge.  I took some lovely pictures along the way.  But my interest petered out at around day 13.

I'm not going to accept this as a failure though.  I've achieved so much else this month that I really can't be too hard on my self.  We moved out of one house and into another.  I started a Book Club.  I finally made that meatloaf I've been hankering to make for so long AND that red wine chocolate cake (seriously, divine!).  I met up with great friends, old and new, and welcomed my family over for dinner and a long night of card-playing.

All in all, I'm quite pleased at how my January's turned out.  Nevertheless, I'm still set on completing a photo a day challenge so I'll be starting afresh this February with Fat Mum Slim.  And if life gets in the way and I don't complete it, that's ok too.

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In other news, did it take anyone else completely by surprise that January has 31 days?!


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  1. It doesn't sound like you failed to me!

  2. I'd call it reassessing your priorities for the month rather than a failure - it sounds like you had an awesome January... and given you should start as you mean to go on you are likely to have an amazing year!

  3. Oh it's okay! And yes, crazy that its february tomorrow!


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