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Dear Diary

Nice to see you again!

It's this shabby old thing that I was given as a gift by my sister when I was 13.  I covered it with all of my favourite pictures from magazines which I thought represented me at that age.  I even have a lock of hair taped inside.  Well, it's more than just that.  It's actually the rat tail I grew to be more like my favourite Hanson brother, Taylor.

Diary Cover

I started writing in it religiously and it charts all of my experiences from success at school to applying to university to getting my first job offer, but a subject matter that persists more than anything else, and from which you would expect nothing less from the diary of a teenage girl: boys.  I am amazed at how thoroughly I have documented my first loves and experiences.  From whole text message conversations recorded onto paper to explicitly detailed physical encounters.  I love reading back through passages - it's almost like reconnecting with an old friend.  I know I've lived these experiences - it is me writing! - but it's a version of me that no longer exists.  It reminds me of how much me and my priorities have changed.  Now I'd be more likely to write about job woes and redecorating the house!

Inside: An entry from August 2004

My last written entry was January 11 2011 (just over a year ago!) and I write about the sad day I told the company I worked for in London that I was leaving and all the fantastic memories I'd be taking away with me: 

"From Benicio del Toro to Mickey Rourke at that party. 10th Anniversary, Awaydays in Liverpool, Fontaine in Cambridge, Audiard at The May Fair, BAFTA wins, Ponyo fish, red carpets at the LFF, Groucho dinners and late night twinkles, GMTV, set visits, champagne bottles galore, goody bags at BAFTA, star-studded Asprey's and UK PR Team of the Year."

I like to think that this blog has taken over as life-documenter and it is undoubted that it will outlive my "flesh and blood" diary.  And in a way, this makes me sad.  Although, I am grateful for the fact that rather than just have a link to pass on to my children I also have a whole 19 (!) tangible diary years to pass on to them.  Now, whether they'd have the vaguest interest in reading it is another story...

Back Cover

In other news, today is 'Opposite Day' on my Yes and Yes Calendar.  In honour of this holiday, I will be drinking my 8 glasses of water with my left hand!

I'd love to hear if you've been successful in keeping a diary.  
Share your secrets!


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