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Maria Loves...Coke Cake and Disney

I'm super proud of hubby and I as we spent this week moving into our new home in a swift and practical way.  We still have a bit of personalising to do but we'll get there!

While hubby hung lighting fixtures, I came across some pretty awesome stuff on the interwebs...

Never be bored in the backseat of a looong road trip again with this!  

You can make cake out of anything.  Fact!  Don't believe me?  Check out this super awesome Coke Cake.

I want this so that I can hide my secret stash of chocolate and tea cakes. Stylish.

Absolutely charming art depicting the US States as the foods they look like.

Homemade Snickers Bars. Drool. And drool

Prince Charming, literally, on the cover of GQ Magazine! 

And their Princesses on Vogue.....

Disney Cover Stars

I want to look like Ariel now please!


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  1. Popped in from SITS! Sleeping Beauty was always my favorite!

  2. Mmm...Coke Cake sounds really good..

  3. Whispering Writer... Any cake sounds really good. That's a problem I'm working on! Glad to hear you guys are getting settled!

  4. came across your blog from the SITS website - Wow, I want to look like Ariel, too! (Love the Disney Vogue covers)

  5. I am so happy I found your blog this year, I love pink too


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