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One of those Weeks...

The Artist. Monopoly. Aegina.

You know when you have one of those weeks that make you grateful for everything that make up your life.  I had one of those last week.  

I watched The Artist with my hubby and best friend (what an absolute delight!) and played Monopoly with my sis and her boyfriend until the early hours.  

The highlight was visiting my Dad on Sunday who lives on the beautiful island of Aegina, a 45min ferry ride from the port of Piraeus.

His home is gorgeous; sitting on top of a mountain overlooking pistachio orchards, olive groves and the vast blue Aegean sea.  The sunsets from that place are absolutely breathtaking.  And what's more, his house is always overrun with cute furry animals.  It seems like every time we go over there he's adopted a new animal to add to their family of three cats and four dogs.  There's nothing better than cosying up to one of them in front of the fire as you watch the sun go down into the sea. 

I'm looking forward to getting back there really soon!

I was killing it at late night Monopoly

Arriving on the island

Sleepy kitty

In other news, I've started drinking caffeinated coffee again.  It was never really my intention to give it up altogether.  I lasted 10 days to see how a caffeine-free life would affect my mood and after failing to notice a difference I'm going to continue enjoying it in moderation. Also! We'll be moving house again!  Watch this space.

Hope you're all having a good week so far!


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  1. Gosh... I want to visit your dad's house too! Sounds like a wonderful way to spend a day.

    You're back on caffeine! I thought there was a typo in your last comment on my blog and laughed out loud when I read it here. Welcome back to the wonderful world of coffee!

  2. Sounds like a really great week! I just checked The Artist and I have to thank you for sharing it! I will definitely watch it!
    ps. Playing monopoly is the best. I miss having a bunch of people at home just so we can play all night :)


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