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Where I Talk About Milestones

For my baby shower back in February, my sis got me this gorgeous baby memory book. It was the perfect gift. Its beautiful words and illustrations are a real treat to behold when recording all of baby's big milestones.

I love to document life (one of the many reasons I started this blog), so this book was the most wonderful gift I could have asked for. I started filling it in straight away, making sure to capture the exact emotions I was feeling at every one of Bubs' milestones - what it was like when we first brought him home, when he first smiled, his first trip out...

But way back when, before Hubs and I started talking about babies, I went through a phase of being quite skeptical about having children. I must have been going through some sort of quarter life crisis. I questioned whether we'd be able to afford one; whether I'd ever have maternal feelings; if we'd ever be able to go on far flung adventures again. 

And for some (now strange) reason I was also saddened by the thought that once I started to have babies, that the milestones of my OWN life would slowly come to an end. Once babies (and then teenagers) come into the mix, everything revolves around them. Their first steps. Their first words. Their first kiss, first boyfriend/girflriend, graduating from college, first job, first house, first baby... You get the picture.

While we were absolutely elated to find out we were pregnant, towards the end of my pregnancy, these feelings started to rear their ugly head again. I was about to have my FIRST baby. Once this gig was done, would I have any more 'firsts' of my own?
BOY! Am I a worrywart or what?! I'm very happy to report that now that this precious little bundle has entered my life, all that unfounded anxiety has gone straight out the window. What was I thinking?! There's a WHOLE NEW SET of milestones to experience with my little boy! HIS milestones are MY milestones. I don't remember MY first steps but I'll get to remember - and record, and photograph, and write about - HIS. And that's so much more fun! There are so many beautiful memories to be had. So many 'firsts' to experience all over again. 

The milestones aren't over. They're only just beginning!

And besides, I turn 30 in September. Surely THAT'S a milestone worth celebrating?

What's your next big milestone?

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