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Maria Loves... Croutons and Wunderlist

How lovely is this? It's my desktop wallpaper and you can download it from the Eat Drink Chic blog here.

It's that time of the week when I think back on all the things I've loved this week. I'll also start including my fave links (as it's all the same thing in the end, no??).

Lovely Links

These adorable grilled cheese croutons. Oh my.

Birthday cake martinis. Because, why not? And where on God's green earth can I get me some marshmallow vodka?

Gala Darling's 80s Teen Movie 8tracks mix. I was so born in the wrong decade.

Top 10 non-fiction books for the novel lover. I'm seriously into my non-fiction lately.

Wunderlist. Cos it now rules my life and I'd be oh so very lost without it.

This tree project makes me feel like a giant.

My fave daily newsletter, Emerald Street, turns two!

Coding for kids on the iPad. I'm getting Henry on this app asap.

Zara finally launched their maternity wear line. Just in time for baby no. 2?

I don't know about you, but I get a huge kick out of Vine. Here's a list of 10 Vine comedians to follow. The list is incomplete as it doesn't include my absolute fave, @WhoisMaxwell. His humour's not for everyone, but it's definitely for me!

Lovely Things

Fresh fruit markets. Chicken soup for the hubby's soul. Springtime! Brunch on balconies. Caffeinated coffee. Gold Class cinema experiences (it's the only way!). Iron Man 3 - better than I expected. Date nights. Planning for Easter. Thinking about summer vacation. The upcoming extra long weekend (5 days!). Naps with Bubs. Afternoon walks with Bubs. Baby foot prints. FINALLY signing up to cable TV. Wide open windows. Digestive biscuits dipped in coffee.

What are you loving this Thursday?


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