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8 Weeks

You're 8 weeks today! Totally unbelievable. Where did the time go?? It only feels like last week that we first brought you home! When we didn't know what to do with you, where to put you, what would make you the happiest little boy on the planet.

Now, a few weeks on, and we have a better idea. You LOVE to be walked around the room, cuddled and sung to and have your nose booped. I try to get some much required tummy time in, but my heart breaks to see you struggle on your tummy. Like Daddy says, you look a lot like a turtle that's accidently flipped itself onto it's back struggling to get back up again. But it needs to be done. You need to be able to lift your head up off the ground and have a little look around. You'll get a whole new perspective on the world.

You're coo-ing and gaa-ing like anything now! How can something so small have so much to say?! And you seem to have special little conversations with your Grandpa. He can look at you and talk to you for hours. You guys talk up a storm! Same with your Daddy. You seem happiest when you're lying on his chest, on your back, looking up - either at the lights or at Daddy's computer screen as he works on his movie. Or maybe, if the football's on, you'll be looking at the TV.

Your smile lights up the whole room. We live for the moments when you smile.

You've already outgrown your 3-month onesies and you're not even officially 2 months yet! Grandma is on her way now with a whole new wardrobe of what I imagine will be 6-month baby clothes.

This weekend will be your first Easter. We can't wait to dress you up in your fancy khakis and white Ralph Lauren Polo shirt that your other Grandparents got you. You're going to look so dashing!

I'm sure I've mentioned before, but you're driving us all a bit crazy with your little personality. You're the cutest baby we've ever laid eyes on and it's so wonderful to see you growing right in front of our eyes.

A happy (first) Easter to you, Bubs!


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