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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to those of the Greek Orthodox religion! We usually celebrate Easter a few weeks after Catholic Easter. Tonight, we go to church at around midnight to witness the resurrection of Christ.

It's always a magical time: the candles, the ringing church bells, everyone singing in unison. There's something about the whole experience that goes beyond religion. There's a certain feeling of togetherness. I really enjoy going to what we call 'Anastasi' (or 'Resurrection', in English), but we'll be missing out this year. We'll be staying indoors with Bubs as all the candles and fireworks can get a tad dangerous. 

On Sunday, we're heading over to Grandma's to celebrate the traditional way: with a lamb  on the spit and plenty of chocolate. It's a day of family, good food, good wine and so much joy.  This year may also see us taking the first dip in the pool!

Happy Easter one and all!


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