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Maria Loves... Caramel Cheesecake and A Beautiful Mess

How cute is this, right? I made it using the A Beautiful Mess photo app.


One of my favourite bloggers, Katie from House of Humble, has finally opened her Etsy shop, Dear Delilah. Her beautiful handmade necklaces and trinkets have set my heart a-flutter!

Have you seen this mind-boggling ad only children can see? It's for such a good cause too!

Some hilarious tips on how to nail parenting. I plan to implement more than a few of these!

Another one of my favourite blogs, A Beautiful Mess has just launched their own photo editing app (for iPhone only currently). It's choc-full of whimsy and all things pretty!

Oh, I've SO been there. This mother's letter to her heartbroken daughter brought tears to my eyes.

"I will always believe that you are entitled to share your romantic life with someone who honors and respects and loves you. A man who would move mountains, walk over hot coals and make whatever sacrifice is required to be your true partner."

A fun little game to test your geography skills. My scores are shockingly low. Eep.

This caramel cheesecake is just to-die-for. I think I might make it for the Eurovision party we're off to on Saturday. Woop!

This campaign to raise money to launch a publishing platform for beautiful work by women writers, photographers and illustrators is truly inspiring. They have 10 days to reach their $15k goal. Won't you help?

Make your own giant popsicle pinata. WOW.

This brilliant 19 year old Hungarian photographer imagines what the models of famous abstract paintings would have looked like. Surreal!


Morning baby smiles. Mini choc ices. Family BBQs. Finally learning to use our camera. Mother's Day gifts from my son (swoon!). Ankle weights. Summer rain. 

Happy Thursday! What are you loving today?

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