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Sweet Treats Saturday

Happy Saturday! Say hello to my sweet blog discoveries of late...
Having recently been pregnant for the first time myself, I'm a sucker for (tasteful) new mommy blogs. The Framed Lady is just that. I just love Tess' take on the whole pregnancy thing and can't wait to read about her take on life with a newborn!


I was completely sold on the name. I love everything lemon-y! But there's more than just lemons to this gorgeous food lover's site. You'll also find excellent healthy and seasonal recipes and one of the best recipe indexes I've ever come across. Bon apetit!

I too am an M who loves an M, so I couldn't resist Mara's blog. It's clean, it's fresh and she's gorgeous. Stunning fashion posts sit nicely next to delicious recipes. What's not to like?


P.S. - If you'd like to be featured in a Sweet Treats Saturday post make sure you follow along and leave comments below so that I know where to find you! 

Hope you're having lovely weekends!

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