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Easter and All That Jazz

What a wonderful weekend! I know it's already Tuesday, but I needed a whole day just to come down from my high! Easter just keeps getting better and better each year. A wonderful midnight feast at my aunt's house on Saturday was followed by an all-day all-you-can-eat fiesta at my mom's. I admire my mom for so many reasons. She's the kindest, most optimistic, most creative and talented person I know with the most infectious child-like enthusiasm. She acknowledges and appreciates the most simple things in life - the colour of fruit, the smell of a flower, the shades of the sunset. Needless to say, she put on an incredible spread for us all.

Her most creative pursuit was this this gorgeous candy cart which she unveiled to all of us on Sunday. She designed and built it herself from scratch - and made all the treats too! How amazing is she, right?! She's in the process of building up her baking company so if you want to follow her sweet adventures on Facebook, you can find at her at Vinta Truffles. She would LOVE to have you along for the ride!

I was really proud of myself on Monday. Some of my favourite shows air in the US on Sundays (Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Veep), and while I usually stream them as soon as possible the next day, this Monday, it didn't even cross my mind. Monday was a rare day off for hubby, so I really wanted us to spend it together as a family. Having spent most of the weekend with family outside of our little unit, I also didn't feel the pressure of using this time to see them.  Easter Monday was about me, Hubs and Bubs.

I think we also deserve extra kudos because we made a conscious (and successful!) effort to switch off. I allowed myself a day off from blog anxiety (that little invoice inside my head that says "you must post today - and every single day!") and didn't even turn my laptop on. I hardly even looked at my phone. Instead, we gathered Bubs in his mobile swing and headed to our rooftop pool. It was like getting ready for an outing at the beach, but we were going no further than up a flight of stairs. Hubs BBQ-ed some sausages and I dove head first into this little beauty.

I realise that we're very lucky to have the luxury of a rooftop playground. I have my parents to thank for it. There are lots of things I'm feeling grateful for lately. Most of all, my wonderful family. Every single one of them. I feel lucky for a lot of reasons, and most of these reasons stem from the people in my familia.

I have also come to terms with the fact that hubby and I live quite a sedentary life. I think that given a choice, we'd always choose our laptops, and I have no problem with this. But I'm very happy that we both acknowledge that we DO need to take a day off from screens and just be with each other.

And that's what I'm about to do.

Who or what do you appreciate most in your life? How do you show it?

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