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Moving Musings: Julianne's Palin

How uncanny!

Julianne Moore as Sarah Palin

Julianne Moore wows all once again in her new role as Sarah Palin in Game Change.  Based on the book by journalists Mark Halperin and John Heilemann the film chronicles the ups and downs of John McCain's 2008 presidential campaign.

I don't know much about Palin but I do know that there was a lot of hatred directed towards her no thanks to her numerous faux-pas' and the situation with her pregnant daughter.  Watching the trailer it looks like they're setting the scene for us to feel sorry for her.  No doubt, she was ill-prepared to take on the enormous task the men upstairs were asking of her. Politics is a scummy business.

I have to be honest and say that I don't have much of an opinion on her politics.  What I'm most interested in is watching Julianne Moore in another jaw-dropping performance. Big fan. HUGE!

Watch the trailer here.

                                                            Julianne and Sarah separated at birth?                                                                                       
In other news, my 100th post completely passed me by! When did all THIS happen?! You are now reading my 101th post and I am completely and utterly amazed that I've lasted this long.

Thank you for reading and for all of your lovely comments!


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  1. Wow, Julianne Moore looks just like Sarah Palin! I would have never thought that until now! They are both beautiful women!

    xoxo, Jjanga

  2. I don't like her, i really dont. Not moore(sheis fantastic)but palin...

  3. Julianne Moore is all sorts of fabulous. I saw her filming a scene for a move around the corner from our apartment in NYC - was very exciting!


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