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10 Things: Megan of Charade

Her positivity is infectious and she is one of the few British bloggers I follow.  Charade is an awesome blog full of passion, style and the belief that life has no boundaries.  I took part in Megan's recent Make Your Life Amazing series in which she posted an uplifting, enlightening, inspirational post every single day of January.  I recommend it wholeheartedly -  you can even get in on the action today !

Hooray for Megan and the 10 things she loves about herself...

I have found that it is very easy to love yourself when somebody else loves you; it is when we are set down and rejected by such a person that our ability to be on our own side takes a knock. That’s a dark space – a hard, cold space – but it is also beautiful. Because it is in that space that we meet ourselves again. The self without the other person. The self that is still gasping for support – yet we find that we are the only ones there to give it. And that is a priceless introduction. 

After a year of being single beyond a four year relationship I have come to know self-support and self-lovin’ in a profound and powerful way. And, what I now realise, is that it would have been the far more heartbreaking thing never to have found that source of love in myself than it was to lose a romantic love. 

So here are ten things I don’t need anybody else to say to me, to believe them. Ten things that are vividly, reverberatingly true for me. Ten things that came to sustain me in that dark space I mentioned above. Ten things I love about myself: 

1. I love that, sometimes, my heart momentarily swells with appreciation and pure joy at being here at all. 

2. I love that I can smile at every person I meet, all day long, most days. 

3. I love that I can go easy on myself when it matters. 

4. I love that I can give myself a kick in the arse when it matters. 

5. I love that I am open to having my mind changed, always. 

6. I love that I take risks and book plane tickets. 

7. I love that I can write poetry, and never have to show it to anyone, and be healed by it. 

8. I love that I have learnt to be alone, not lonely. 

9. I love that I am the eternal advocate for relentless optimism. 

10. I love that I have a platform through which I can encourage other young women to feel as excited about their lives as I do, and that sometimes it actually works. 


Thanks so much for taking part Megan!

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  1. Great blog post! I love your strength of character. Some woman never achieve these things.

    xx Mandi


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