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10 Things: Monica of The Travel Hack

Planning a trip to anywhere in the world? Monica at The Travel Hack is your girl!  Travelling is one of my all time greatest passions and Monica's stories, tips and insights get me feeling the bug like nothing else.  I'm a bit of an adventurer at heart so I love her stories on diving with manta rays in Indonesia or watching turtles lay eggs in Borneo.

Whisk us away, Monica! Here are 10 things she loves about herself...

1.   I’m determined as hell and I will do absolutely everything I can to get what I want.

2.   I might be determined but I’m not overly competitive. If someone is better than me at something then that’s OK. I don’t mind loosing; it just makes me try harder next time.

3.   I’m a busy gal but I’ll always make time for my best friends and my family because they’re the most important people in the world.

4.   I can eat more chocolate than anyone else I know.

5.   I’m a total scardy cat but I always try to overcome my fears. I’m really scared of fish but I still gave fishing a go to try and get over it. I was really scared to go snowboarding but I went anyway and had the best time ever so it’s always worth pushing yourself to experience something new.

6.   I’m terrible at cooking but I make the best sandwiches ever. I worked in a sandwich deli while I was in college and I even got to create my own special sandwich every week. 

7.   I’m really good at saving money. Even as a kid I would save up my pocket money and keep it for something good. 

And then I got stuck and couldn’t think of anything else so I asked my friends and this is what they came up with:

8.    I’m a good listener.

9.    I have a good collection of shoes that they can borrow.

10.  I know a lot about travel so if they’re thinking about going on holiday I can give some good advice.


Thanks so much for taking part Monica!

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  1. Thanks so much for featuring me!

  2. Thanks for sharing a new blog, I loove travel and am now exploring her blog!


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