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10 Things: Julie of Olivine's Charm School

Pleasure creation. Lush celebration. Self adoration.  You get what it says on the tin by the bucket load at Olivine's Charm School.   Julie is a truly admirable lady: business woman, mother and a complete style inspiration.  She's constantly blogging about new business ventures and even runs her own e-course on how to create your own small business.  Her blog is super-stylish with constant nuggets of inspiration on fashion, interior design and photography.

Here are Julie's charming 10 thing she loves about herself....

I love my freckles  I love that I had a baby at home after 31 hours of labor with no drugs
I love my husband, and I am so proud of myself every day for finding him  I love that I created the perfect businesses where I get to stay home with my family every day and work on my terms  I love my circle of supportive family and friends.  They have all been with me for a long, long time! I love and appreciate my body every day: for being healthy, for being strong, for being alive I love that I am wicked good at pampering myself.  Not a day goes by that I don't at least take a nice, long, hot bath I love my sense of humor I love my ability to talk to anyone, anytime about anything I love my eyes!


Thanks so much for taking part Julie!

You can follow Julie on Bloglovin and Twitter 

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