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10 Things: Janis of My Suitcase Heart

I first fell in love with My Suitcase Heart when I came across Janis and Mike's breathtaking photos from their Hawaiian honeymoon. It took everything in me to keep from booking our own Hawaiian honeymoon then and there.  Her photos will make you swoon!  And pictures of her regular gatherings with friends will make you wish you were her real life friend too.  I also have to mention that this couple had one of the most stunning weddings I've ever seen.

Prepare to fall in love...

Hi, I'm Janis from My Suitcase Heart. My husband Mike and I love taking photos and I love telling stories about them, so that's what my little blog is all about.

Other tidbits: I'm from Canada. I'm very close to becoming a certified teacher (this spring!). I love pizza, roasted vegetables, greek lemon yogurt, garlic, and slurpees.  (Also: I don't think I've ever shown anyone that picture of me, but Maria said she wanted a goofy shot!)

It's was a bit tough to come up with things I love about myself, since we are always told to be humble - but here goes!

1. I'm a good friend, daughter, sister, auntie & wife.

I love spending quality time with my friends, family and Mike. People are the most important thing in my life. I love carving out time in a day to go out for coffee, make a meal together, snuggle up on the couch to watch some Modern Family, do crafts, go for walks etc.

2. I love to travel.
I've managed to squeeze in quite a bit in my 24 years of life and I think I'm a more well-rounded, open-minded person because of it. It's so interesting to encounter new cultures, foods, and ways of life. I have also surrounded myself with people who share this love.

3. I have fun in kitchen.
I love scouring the internet for new recipes, and spending time making things from scratch. I am not a gourmet chef by any means, and there are many types of cuisines I have yet to explore, but I feel good spending time making good food.

4. I can be quite the goofball.
I don't think I display this side to me on my blog very often, but Mike and I can be so silly sometimes. I've been known to dance around the kitchen, wrestle, play dead, speak in accents, make gross (yet sort of funny?) facial expressions. I am definitely goofier with Mike than anyone else.

5. I work hard & am motivated.

I work my butt off in school! If I want something, I will chase after it.

6. I'm organized.
If you saw our bedroom sometimes, you may be inclined to disagree. However, my organizational skills were put to the test when planning our wedding and everything went flawlessly. Lists lists lists!

7. I'm independent.
While I can be a bit shy in new situations, I don't let that hold me back from trying new things. I moved to Qu├ębec for a year to learn French. I took an adult ballet class. I worked a day camp in Turkey one summer.

8. I love to read.
When I was younger, I was a voracious reader. I lapsed a bit during university since there are so many required texts to read. However, I have recently got back on the bandwagon had have ploughed through numerous books since Christmas.

9. I'm creative.

My dad was a visual artist, and I was always jealous that I didn't recieve any of his drawing talents. However, Mike has made me realize that I'm creative in tons of other ways - be that with wedding crafts, photography, or food presentation.

10. I'm friendly.
If we ran into each other, I think we'd have a good chat!

Thanks so much for having me, Maria!

Thanks so much for taking part Janis!
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