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2011 in Words

Looking back over my shoulder.

I don't think I've ever experienced a more rollercoaster year than 2011.  A year of extreme highs and lows without the mercy of a breather in between.  Bring it 2012!

We come back from Christmas holidays and the first day back in the office I tell my boss I'm leaving and moving to Greece.  This was one of the most painful and difficult things I have ever had to do as I love my job and the people I work with.

My fiancee proposes the weekend before Valentine's Day!  I tell my family over the phone who are ecstatic.  My dad starts blubbing like a baby and can't talk for a good 2 minutes.  On February 13 I attend my first ever BAFTA ceremony (it's like the British Oscars) - and I actually SIT in the audience alongside Colin Firth, Natalie Portman, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Watson and Paul McCartney.  We start packing up our little flat in Clapham Junction.  My last day in the office is February 18.  My colleagues throw me an awesome leaving do. It all gets very emotional and drunken.  We leave for Greece on February 28.

We're in Greece and wedding plans start to move into high gear.  We set the date for August 27th and book our dream venue.  We live in my parents' loft temporarily (little do we know we'll staying there for the next 7 months). We have an awesome outing at the Tatoi Palace Estate in Parnitha and I see Hurts in concert. Yipee!

My grandparents move in to my old bedroom as they are unwell.  The doctors say that my grandmother does not have long to live.  She is soon afterwards admitted to hospital.  Amidst wedding preparations we also visit the hospital on a daily basis, preparing for the worst.  

After months of visiting different shops, I finally pick my wedding dress.  Which was the third dress I ever tried on.  I absolutely LOVE it.  Later in the month, my grandfather passes away in his sleep in my old bedroom.  He is not alone as we're all next to him.

A week after my grandfather passes away, my grandmother also passes away in hospital.  This is not a good time.  But we soldier on as we have a wedding to plan.  Two weeks after this, my dog of 12 years is admitted to hospital and after 3 blood transfusions we make the awful decision to put her to sleep.  June is NOT a good month so far.  We nip over to Hong Kong for hubby's best friend's wedding.  Awesome.

My best friend tells me she just got engaged! We finalise preparations for the hubby's family who are coming to spend a week in Athens before the wedding.  Sorting out the logistics for a clan of 15, plus 3 baby boys under the age of 5, is incredibly stressful but it was so much fun! Next up: hen weekend in Mykonos!

Hen Weekend in Mykonos

First Half: I take my fiancee to my home island of Chios for the first time, where both of my parents are from.  I have been going to the island every summer my whole life so it means a lot to me.  We go to Panygiri for the celebration of my name on the 15th - and I actually enjoyed it for the first time ever with my fiancee by my side.  All the loud live music and clarinet used to get on my nerves.

Second Half: We have an awesome week with my husband's family starting with the engagement party my Dad throws for us on the island of Aegina. He also organises a bus tour around the island which is fabulous. Our wedding on the 27th is absolutely the best day ever!  I never thought I would have as much fun as I did.  So many happy memories to cherish forever.

Getting used to married life. I turn 28.

Hubby turns 32.  My sister and I Race for the Cure for Breast Cancer in Athens.

Hubby gets his PhD and I'm officially married to a Doctor! We move into our own little apartment.  There are cats everywhere and our internet connection is abominable.  We decorate our first ever Christmas tree.

I go back to London for a week to work from the office and oversee our films nominated at the BIFAs.  We have a record 32 nominations across 8 titles and one of our films, TYRANNOSAUR wins Best Actress for Olivia Colman as well as BEST FILM!  The night could not get any better.  I get back to Athens and hubby and I go on a wonderful weekend away to Pelion. Our first Christmas as a married couple is awesome. We agree not to get eachother presents but I handmake all my gifts for friends and family.  Very proud of myself.

Great end to a COLOURFUL year!

Things I'm looking forward to in 2012?  Going on honeymoon and my best friends wedding!

How was your year?   Feel free to link back your 2011s in review!


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  1. Happy new year, i wish you the best love this post!

  2. Great blog. 2011 was certainly a monumental year for you. Condolences and congratulations are sent your way.

    Happy New Year

    Natalie -

    p.s Could you explain how you credit your photos please? If you look at my blog (most recent post) it's a goal I want to achieve in 2012. lol. Thanks.

  3. Wow... what an incredible year you had. Exhilirating and emotional by turns. I look forward to reading about what 2012 has in store for you. Happy new year!

  4. Thanks for your lovely wishes all! I wish only the best for you in 2012 - and much success with your respective blogs!

    Maria xx

  5. What an incredible year! Love your blog :)


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