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I've been away in dreary London for a week...

Went over for work and to oversee our films at the BIFAs (British Independent Film Awards. P.S. - Our very own Tyrannosaur won best British Film! Go see it. Now.) so I have been missing this ol' blogosphere quite terribly.  Not to mention that I feel wholy ashamed that my last post was about Thanksgiving. Oh dear.

Well, I'm back in sunny Athens now.  Our Christmas tree has been duly decorated.  Our christmassy smelly Yankee candles are lit.  And I'm ready to take on the holiday season...

Bring it.

Ye Ol' Christmas Tree

What happens when you eat a whole Terry's Chocolate Orange? We shall soon find out.

Saw this on my walk to work this morning. It made me happy.

So what stage are you at in your holiday prep? Do not tell me your Christmas shopping is already done...


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