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Moody December Day

This is kind of what it looks like outside today...

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Minus the vast fields and rundown shed.  It is a moody moody day outside.  Just as it should be in December.  Perfect stay-indoors weather cuddled up on the sofa with a warm cup of cocoa and Hitchcock on TV.  Whilst I don't get to watch Rope for about the 5th time, I am lucky enough to stay at home as this is where I work from.  

Oh, working from home definitely has its perks: endless hours of MTV's Disaster Date on in the background; my fluffy UGG style slippers to keep my toes toasty AND I get to do a quick tidy-up when I get that sudden (yet rare) urge. 

But I have to say that I miss working in an office the most during this time of year. Christmas music on the radio, mince pies in the kitchen, empty desks and silent phones.  There's usually very few people in the office as we, and everyone else in London, would wind down for the holidays.  It was most definitely not the most productive of times. The less demanding days meant that we could just goof off with eachother.  And it was all legit - 'cause we were at work!  I got along really well with my colleagues and every day spent with them in the office was an absolute treat. 

I do get lonely at home sometimes and I fear my social skills are seriously starting to deteriorate.  But it doesn't take me long to remind myself that I have a pretty sweet deal going on here.  I may not be in the same room as my colleagues but the constant email threads between us are enough to have me chuckling for a very long time...

What's your office like during the holidays? Good, bad, ugly?


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