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Weekend Getaway

Off to the mountains we go.

Now that we have the blessed internet back in our lives, I predict a lot less time actually "spending" it with my hubby.  We will both continue our love affairs with our computer screens.  It's not right, I know.  Perhaps we should implement a no-computers after 6pm rule?  Not sure how we'll tackle that one.

I am pleased to say though that we had a lovely little weekend getaway to the not-much-visited mountainous region of Pelion in Northern Greece.  With an abundance of lovely food, burning wood fires, fallen leaves, imposing moutainsides and moody beaches we have come back thoroughly refreshed.

We came across these puppies and their Mama in the middle of the road!

Back to the grindstone for both of us now.  Although we have a lovely few weeks ahead with best friends coming to visit from afar and, of course, Christmas to look forward to.

Huge thanks to for saving me from a silent day at home in front of my laptop today!


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