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Evolution of a Baby (8 months!)

I totally missed the 7th month, but who cares when I've got cute little pictures of Henry at every month up until now. Bubs, on November 8 you turned 8 months old! So much closer to a year old than to being a newborn. How. time. flies. Just when I think you're at your cutest stage, the next month comes along and you're even CUTER than before.

You're now crawling all over the place (we really need to carpet these tiled floors!) and pulling yourself up onto furniture to stand up straight. How you love to stand up straight and tall and walk around the room. I think you'd be happy for me to take you by the hands (hunched over like Quasimodo. Not doing any favours for my back) and walk you around the room all day long.

Your bottom pearly whites are just that - the two cutest little teeths I ever did see. Oh and that smile you flash more and more often now - it melts all of our hearts. You look just like your Daddy when he was a baby. We love how it's so much easier to make you smile and laugh. From tickling your neck and belly, to making silly faces (Daddy loves to do those), to travelling to the stars and the moon and the planets (again, with Daddy), to Mommy going 'uh-oh' every time you drop something on the floor, to Daddy pretending to drop you, to playing with Poppy - so many more things make you laugh now. Your laugh = the cutest sound in all the land.

And you just LOVE watching football. And playing football. And throwing your football around. This makes Daddy very happy. What also makes Daddy happy is how you cry when he leaves the room. You're definitely showing more interest in Daddy now. I'm going to need to get used to this.

Bubs, it's an absolute treat watching you grow.

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