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Turning 30...

... is not that bad when you've got a lovely, gorgeous husband who cooks you dinner every evening because he just loves to cook. When you've got a family who are incredibly supportive and loving and the best people anyone could ask for. When you've got the awesomest, funniest, wisest of sisters who shows you the most unconditional love and makes you proud every day. When you've got the bestest of friends ready to make you laugh at the drop of a hat. When you live in a lovely home in a gorgeous part of the world. When you love your job and look forward to doing it every day.

Turning 30 is not that bad when you wake up to the sweetest, pudgiest face in the mornings. When you've got the most gorgeous little creature making your life an absolute joy every single day. When your life is so full of love that you can almost feel your heart burst.

I turned 30 yesterday and yeah, I'm ok about it.

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