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Pancakes (from scratch)

What's a Sunday without some pancakes? I got ahead of the game by making a whole batch yesterday and freezing them to eat for breakfast for the rest of the week. I also couldn't wait to use the authentic Canadian maple syrup sent to us by a good friend over there.

I've never made pancakes from scratch before (I always use Bisquick ready-made mix), so I woke up ready to scour the net for a good 'from-scratch' recipe.  I found Nigella Lawson's take on the fluffy American pancake and, based on the reviews, I decided to give it a go.

To be perfectly honest, I wasn't too pleased with the results. They were tasteless (even though I added a touch of vanilla essence to a couple of them) and rather rubbery. 

I might try Jamie Oliver's recipe next, but until then, I'll be eating these bad boys for the rest of the week. However bad they might be, they're still the best darn breakfast food there is.

Oh, and for those of you living in Athens, I am beyond thrilled that pancake house, Melinikon, will be opening up in Kolonaki on November 27! Finally - pancakes in Greece!

Do you have a tried and tested 'from-scratch' pancake recipe? I'd love to hear it!

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