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Feeling Blue

Love this greeting card I found on Etsy

Argh. What a day. It's not even midday yet and already I just want to curl up under the covers and not come out again until tomorrow. I try to be as positive as possible on this platform, but today, life has just got the better of me.

It's good to let it out, right? It's just been one of those days where the universe is set on pissing me right off. From noisy neighbours yabbering away from 3am until 5am, to Henry waking up extra early (5.30am) and refusing to have his morning nap (he still hasn't had it), to Matt losing his car keys... it's just been awful. And I actually broke down and cried.

I blame it on the tiredness (and possibly, the pregnancy hormones). But already, I can tell that being pregnant is going to be a lot less relaxing this time around.

I'm hoping a tall stack of pancakes and a steaming cup of jo will set things straight.

What gets you out of the doldrums?

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