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Yoghurt Sponge Cake


So yesterday was my birthday.  And what did I decide to do (other than work my little tushie off)?  Yes, that's right: I did what I'm starting to love more and more doing - I baked!

One of my favourite healthy dessert combos is yoghurt, walnuts and honey.  Very Greek and supposedly an aphrodisiac (hubba hubba).  I had lots of all of those things hanging around and decided to look for a recipe for a cake with yoghurt in it.   And thus I stumbled upon this recipe for a Yoghurt Sponge Cake by beautiful, Spanish Irene at Cream & Crumble.  The recipe worked a treat! So simple and super quick.

I decided to sweeten it up with some cream cheese frosting (recipe here: divine), crushed walnuts and a drizzle of Greek honey.

I followed Irene's recipe to the T and it came out moist, not too sweet and utterly delicious.

And that is the story of my birthday cake!

Picture taken by me and my new Instagram app. Woop!



  1. delicious¡¡¡ jajaa great post kisses from Mexico :D

  2. That looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing. Happy birthday. Hope it was as good as that cake looks.

  3. Popped in from SITS! It sounds delicious!

  4. This looks so good!



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