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Couldn't Resist

...I've put wedding pics up. Sue me!

I just love them so much.  These are some of my favourite pics from the day taken by wonderful friends and amazing family.

My step-dad and my dad both gave me away

My two bessies
My lifelong bessie - my Maid of Honour and sister
The Family
The In-laws
The brothers, doing it for themselves
Reception venue. Spectacular.
Dancing on the bar. That's how you do it.



  1. I'm glad that you had a good time ! I'm a big wedding fan ! It's all so beautiful ! Check out :

  2. Gorgeous all around. Your dress is beautiful, I love that your father and step-father both gave you away, and that reception set up! All the white against the blue-gray water is breathtaking. Looks like it was an amazing day all around for you guys. Congrats again!


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